Rob McMullan is without doubt one of Queensland’s finest Spanish guitarists, performing fiery and passionate original and modern Flamenco compositions.
"As a Flamenco guitarist, Rob McMullan pays
tribute to the traditional rhythms and harmony
of Flamenco, yet also creates a voice that is
uniquely his own. 
His style is aggressive and assertive, yet also lyrical and beautiful. His compositions often have a vocal-like
use of melody and harmonic themes,
and sit upon thick and driving rhythms."

Rob is equally at home providing a sweet background atmosphere, adding a lively and upbeat vibe to a room
or in an all out concert-style performance. 
His spanish guitar is the perfect choice for :
Dinner/cocktail functions, Business functions, High class product launches, Weddings, Cultural Festivals, Outdoor market style events
and many more.
Tangos - Rob McMullan
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Rumba Flamenco (Live) - Rob McMullan
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